Experience and Qualification

Providing a unique process driven approach that delivers outstanding results for our partners


Labor Compliance & Workforce Development

Our team can support various local, state and federal labor compliance needs.  Through over a decade of experience working with public agencies and contractors we have expert knowledge on prevailing wage and certified payroll compliance, project labor agreement administration, construction site visits and worker interviews, subcontractor training, compliance reporting and corrective action plans as well as workforce development and targeted hiring support. Our goal is to support contractors and agencies to ensure workers receive fair wages, have access to work on projects in their local community and increase the pool of diverse residents seeking careers in the construction industry.

Supplier Diversity & Contract Compliance

Whether you need support with identifying subcontractors to bid a project, monitoring compliance with supplier diversity goals or developing technical assistance training to build capacity of diverse businesses, LCG has a dedicated team of professionals with proven experience in all of these areas.  LCG has implemented and devised policies that bring together the larger contracting community with local and small businesses to provide increased opportunities on municipal and private procurement opportunities. These efforts  include identifying bid/work ready contractors and preparing smaller contractors for public works opportunities. Our outreach efforts are integrated with an agency’s overall activities, tracked and periodically assessed.  Our primary focus is to increase economic multiplier in the communities in which we operate


Policy Development

LCG has supported a variety of clients with the systematic process of planning, implementing and evaluating their programs which involves a collaborative relationship between provider and end-user. In doing so we always engage with our client to answer the following key questions: what they want to achieve, how can they cost effectively and equitably accomplish their goals, who will perform key tasks and what are the desired outcomes.

Project Communications & Community Engagement

Our staff have fostered excellent relationships with community advocates and stakeholders which we can leverage to support in unique and inclusive outreach and communication strategies. Our focus is on innovative processes, open communication, and a true collaborative approach. Our team’s professional expertise allows an inside perspective into the construction process, and the ability to convey complex construction concepts to residents, businesses, and potential subcontractors. The intent of these services is to align the project goals and objectives with the community to minimize disruption to the successful project completion and to optimize the opportunities for residents and businesses to actively participate on the project.


Project Management

We focus on ensuring that all project participants and stakeholders have a common understanding of and are meeting the client’s objectives for project scope, cost, schedule, safety, and quality while working together to identify and resolve issues as a team. We aim to function as an extension of our clients’ staff in supporting on time and on budget outcomes.