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Company & Position Overview:
Lowe Consulting Group, Inc. has supported local agencies and contractors for the past 15 years in devising, implementing, and monitoring workforce & business utilization policies and Project Labor Agreements. The Labor Compliance position will support LCG’s ongoing projects and will act as the main interface with Agency staff, contractors, state agencies, and unions to ensure compliance with policy specific requirements.

The Labor Compliance Analyst coordinates with contractors/subcontractors on all projects to ensure compliance with California Labor Code, California Code of Regulations, agencies’ Labor Compliance Program, Federal Davis-Bacon Act (when applicable), and all other applicable regulatory requirements. The analyst will be responsible for all onsite activities for the agency. Additionally the analyst is required to travel to various construction sites, conduct site visits, perform labor standards interviews with a random sampling of tradesman onsite, investigate complaints and issues, and report activities on a monthly basis.

Examples of Duties:
(May vary depending upon client assignment)

  • Prepare and present labor compliance requirements at pre-bid and pre-construction meetings for contracts subject to the payment of prevailing wages.
  • Respond to prevailing wage questions / concerns / matters that may arise from contractors and construction workers.
  • Facilitate the proper reporting of prevailing wages, fringe benefits, apprentice utilization, and resolution of employee wage violations.
  • Collect and review weekly Certified Payroll Reports (CPRs) and supporting payroll records (statements of compliance, fringe benefit statements, payroll deductions, apprentice registration, etc.) submitted by prime and subcontractors on a monthly basis. And/or review payrolls submitted via Elation Systems, LCP Tracker or other certified payroll software.
  • Maintain complete and updated electronic and/or hardcopy contract files, as appropriate, containing all relevant labor compliance information or utilize Agency mandated web-based payroll system.
  • Communicate with contractors to resolve discrepancies/inadequacies relative to CPR submittals.
  • Conduct investigations on alleged contractor violations uncovered from CPR reviews, site visits, worker complaints, etc.
  • Respond to requests regarding certified payroll reports and/or other payroll related / labor compliance documents.
  • Visit project job-sites and conduct observations and worker interviews and assist the Labor Compliance Department with site investigations and ensure wage and Labor Compliance postings are posted and visible.
  • Act as the liaison between the Agency, Construction Manager, Contractor, and all other stakeholders.
  • Attend meetings at the project site as needed, including pre bid meetings, pre-construction meetings, and progress meetings.

Other Duties:

  • Participate in Joint Administrative Committee meetings for projects operating under a Project Labor Agreement.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum two to three (2-3) years’ experience performing LCP Analyst duties on publicly funded projects / programs.
  • Must have a clear understanding of construction practices, state and federal labor laws, and the ability to interpret and apply the applicable labor law regulations in accordance with the DIR and Davis Bacon.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must have experience walking active construction sites and interacting with all levels of construction personnel onsite.
  • Must be able to develop and maintain positive, cooperative, team-oriented relationships with co- workers, supervisors, managers, clients and others in contact with the job.

Other Requirements:

  • Ability to travel to clients within the San Francisco Bay Area is required. Owning a car/accessing a car is required.
  • Bilingual preferred; ability to read, write and speak Spanish fluently.

Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to: Andrea Lowe,