Cypress Mandela Offers Opportunities to OUSD Apprentices

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The award winning, community based Cypress Mandela Training Center provides technical training for students in the construction industry, and they also bring employment opportunities to their apprentices. 

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OUSD CTE program recruits students to participate in the 6-week intensive construction training program.  OUSD usually has a mix of graduating seniors, and rising 12th graders.  For the graduates, they have the option to continue training after the initial six week program.  The additional month long program is held with the adult cohort, and these students will matriculate through the program as OSHA Certified pre apprentices, which makes them eligible for work within the construction industry.  Cypress Mandela will host a career fair for their participants, where they are able to meet with various trades; plumbers, electricians, sheet metal workers, steamfitters, etc., and supporting companies such as EBMUD, McGuire & Hester, and Swinerton.  It is a closed event exclusive to the participants in the program.  This OUSD to construction industry relationship is proving to be a successful pipeline for all involved. 

Any OUSD students who are interested in participating should contact their career centers, and visit the CTE page on the OUSD site: