Contra Costa Health Services

Contra Costa County, CA
2021 - Present

Scope of Services:

LCG supported CCHS to develop and implement a communications and outreach strategy around Covid-19 customized to the needs of historically marginalized communities of color, including low-income Latin X, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, essential workers of color, limited English proficient, undocumented and/or reentry populations, who have been disproportionately impacted by health and racial inequities both before and during the pandemic.

LCG also partnered with the agency’s new Chief Equity Officer to identify and develop key equity goals and strategies to be addressed in organization-wide communications plans and to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the forefront. The team supported sustaining staff buy-in for the County’s equity work through development of new communication guidelines and promoting the equity work via educational and engagement meetings.

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